Conference Hall Projects

Within the scope of acoustic interior hall applications, the concepts of volume acoustics and electro acoustics stand out. While the design of the hall is designed in accordance with visual tastes, tests and calculations are made by acoustic specialists in order to avoid problems such as acoustic sound complexity and echo in the hall. In our country, while the decoration of the conference halls is completed in accordance with the reports prepared by the world-renowned acoustic experts, it is aimed to use our halls in the most accurate way.

Stage mechanical systems are the whole of the infrastructure that is prepared for many activities within the stage. For example, all the visual effects created with upand-down motorized movement mechanisms, rotating screen mechanisms, rotating scenes, descending stage floor etc. are a technology created for the audience to focus on the show. Sound, Light and vision systems are the whole ambiance that audiences experience visually and audibly. It is the effect of a newly opened world in the audience’s mind with meaningful audio products combined with the event, light shows and three-dimensional visual feast. With the development of technology, the audience is more influenced by the games they watch with the naked eye compared to the cinema.

In our country, at least 70 to 100 new conference hall projects are carried out for this purpose every year. These halls; Cultural centers, Congress Halls, drama halls of universities or private colleges may be located within the Hotel, organization-seminar areas or an exhibition center. These investments, which are made for humanity to reach culture and art, will perhaps sign the birth of a new artist who can come out of the audience or be an inspiration for a young child to meet his love of art in his talents.