About Us

Our company, which has been operating since 1994, has adopted the principle of providing reliable, trouble-free and quality products to its customers by keeping the service in the decoration sector with its advanced technology, expert and trained staff.

Our company carries the responsibility of being a pioneer in the industry, its products manufactured in the factory located in the city center offers general and all of Turkey abroad.

Lazolini Architecture has been producing for more than 24 years by following and applying the developments in technology in its 1000 m2 closed area in the center of Istanbul.

Lazolini Architecture, which has adopted the principle of offering our customers a problem-free, high service and service quality product, is able to manufacture finished and semi finished materials with computer controlled sizing, CNC, PVC taping and curved edge banding machines.

We believe that using the most advanced production technologies is vital to compete in international markets.

Flexible production and high production quality at international standards; It is carried out in production facilities consisting of the latest technology laser machines and robots